You’ve got resources. You’ve got smarts. You’ve got dreams.
But when it comes money and investing, you’ve got questions.

What if you could discover answers in a community of women just like you?

You can.

Come join a select group of dynamic women who strive to take charge of their money and use their resources for good. We invite you to be part of a private educational series empowering women of wealth with the confidence and tools to change the world.


Women with Capital is a supportive, pitch-free community.

You will be learning from experts who have in-depth personal and professional experience tackling the very issues you are exploring.

In our four-week series and ongoing conference calls instructors will cover how to grow and protect your assets while pursuing your dreams.

  • You will move beyond fear to feeling in control of your financial future.

  • You will know how to invest in alignment with your deepest values.

  • You will be inspired by a trusted circle of women with similar goals.

We believe smart investments allow you to take care of your family’s well being and support the change you want to see in the world.


This inaugural program will be highly customized
based on participants’ specific interests and concerns.


About Barbara

When I first took over managing my family’s investments I looked for resources to educate myself. I was apprehensive about taking charge of our money because I didn’t feel like I knew enough and couldn’t find anywhere to ask questions without getting a sales pitch. I needed a source of unbiased information I could use to make decisions of my own based on my family’s specific needs, not someone else’s.

I feel strongly that we can and should have both the information and the support to make healthy financial decisions.

I’m excited to share my process of education and empowerment, and provide resources, inspiration and a community of like-minded women to learn with.

Barbara E. Pierce
Founder, Women with Capital



Our Instructors


Marlis Jansen

Founder & CEO, The Money Conversation
Specialty: Psychology of Wealth


Lisa St. Claire

CFP, Women’s Financial Education
Specialty: Introduction to Investing


Lotte Moore

Partner, McGuire Real Estate
Specialty: Real Estate Investments


Sonya Dreizler

Founder, Solutions with Sonya
Specialty: Impact Investing


Next Steps To Join the Series


This spring the initial cohort of the Women with Capital private educational series will convene. This intimate gathering, limited to no more than six women, will include all of the topics, experts, and materials that will be offered in subsequent programs.

For more information on Next Steps, click here.



Please do not hesitate to reach out to Barbara at any time in the process with your questions.