The inaugural Women with Capital private educational series will convene in the fall of 2019. This private group, limited to no more than eight women, will include all of the topics, experts, and materials that will be offered in subsequent programs.


  1. To create a cohort of women with similar concerns, resources and interests, each person should have a minimum of one million dollars in investable assets (excluding primary residences).

  2. Before the program begins, Barbara will hold an in-person or virtual meeting with each prospective participant. The goal is to create a cohesive group that shares similar concerns, as well as addressing individual questions.

  3. Since the benefits of being part of a learning community come with consistency, participants are expected to participate in each of the in-person meetings and group follow-up call.

  4. Confidentiality is fundamental to the success of the program. Participants and expert instructors commit to maintaining absolute confidentiality. This trust forms the foundation of our work together. WWC is a pitch-free zone, which means pitches for any products, projects, or services are prohibited.