Where are the meetings located?

Meetings will be located in either San Francisco or Southern Marin. The exact location will be sent to participants beforehand.

When will the series be offered next?

The series will be offered next in late February to March 2020.

What is the cost?

There is one flat fee of $7,500, which includes four days of in-person sessions, a post-series conference call and invitations to quarterly meetings for one year.  

It also includes access to a confidential online forum limited to Women with Capital members.

What makes Women with Capital a pitch-free zone?

The invited speakers are paid for their time and expertise, which is reflected in our fees. Unlike other venues where speakers either pay for the opportunity to reach a desirable audience or expect to get business from the engagement, our speakers do not have the goal of securing your business. We also require each participant to agree to not pitch their services or their favorite projects or investments to the others.

We maintain strict confidentiality and do not share or sell any data at all--ever.

Is this program designed for any particular age group?

Topics are tailored to the concerns of women who want to build and preserve wealth for themselves and their families as they grow older while, at the same time, giving thought to the difference they want to make in the world.

Since the program is highly customized and based around a cohort of women with similar concerns, we will try to group women in similar life stages.

Can I share this announcement on social media?

We are not advertising the series but are instead sharing it with a network of trusted friends and colleagues who are welcome to refer people to the program individually. In this way, we can better create a trusted community.

Please do share individually with women who meet participant requirements and who want to take control of how their money can make a difference. However, please refrain from posting publicly.

What happens in the quarterly follow-up calls? What do they cost?

The quarterly group conference calls are included in the price for one year and will cover a topic of interest for ongoing learning with guest experts. There will be plenty of opportunities for members to share victories and challenges as well as ask questions of other members.